Upgrade Your Hang Tags!

Changing hang tags is a real pain, but our hang tags adjust pricing automatically and only need to be hung once. 

Some dealerships don’t change vehicle pricing often because of the work needed to go change pricing on all their inventory. What if you didn’t have to expend the labor hours to swap out all those hang tags? Would you be more fluid and aggressive in your inventory pricing strategy? 

Some dealerships stopped using hang tags all together because they were too much work to maintain with their pricing strategies. With our Magic Hang Tags, you just hang the tag once, and it automatically updates with pricing changes automatically as you change pricing. 

In addition to always having the current market price, our Magic Hang Tags turn customer scans into VIN specific leads with *verified* customer data such as name and mobile phone number. 

They work like magic!

No printing, not fuss, no muss. We provide all the pre-printed Magic Hang Tags for you. Just assign and hang. Simple and effective. 

Stop wasting time with printing tags, changing tags when prices change and start converting your dealership visitors into VIN specific leads with Konect Auto Magic Hang Tags.