QR Codes for Automotive Done Right.

The entire automotive retail industry is using QR codes wrong. QR codes done right can drive the highest quality sales leads, but nobody is doing it “right”. 

Let’s keep this simple. QR codes are easy to enable in your DMS or even free (but cumbersome) to get from free QR code websites. Just put in your vehicle VDP URL and poof! A QR code to slap on all your inventory. 

But what really does it do? It does help the customer quickly and easily get to the VDP on the website. And perhaps they’ll fill out one of the many contact forms on the site, but let’s be honest. They rarely do. I spoken to hundreds of dealerships who’ve tried QR codes and none of them can track sales or even leads to their codes. 

What if you could deliver the customer who scans your code to the VDP *AND* automatically turn that visit into a VIN specific lead with verified customer information like name, mobile phone number and more? 

And all without the customer having to fill out a single lead gen form? 

Impossible? Nope. Thats what we do. 

Its not about the code, its about the software behind the code. Thats what I do – thats why I created Konect Auto to deliver a better customer experience AND get the best leads for dealership sales and BDC teams. 

Konect Auto is QR codes done right.