dealrQR Pro

dealrQR Pro is made for medium to large dealerships and groups who manage large inventory and multiple rooftops with integrated inventories. Have a dedicated BDC team for internet sales? Then you’ll love dealrQR Pro! Our dealrQR PRO codes provide QR codes for your guests to scan and get easy access to vehicle information. The benefit to you is how we capture VIN specific leads for your sales team with every scan including guest phone numbers. All of our codes are pre-printed and available in various bulk quantities. Styles available include hang tags, inside the window labels, or external window stickers. dealrQR codes are the easiest and lowest cost way to make your inventory interactive to increase sales. 

Easiest to use

dealrQR PRO codes are quick and easy to deploy. When your codes arrive, you assign codes to vehicles with our exclusive QuickStick technology, making onboarding inventory the easiest and fastest in the industry. Simply scan the unassigned code and you’ll be prompted with available inventory to assign the code to. You can search by VIN or stock number, and a quick tap to assign and the job is done. All thats left is to put the code onto the vehicle. Every customer scan will be converted automatically to a VIN specific lead with verified information including mobile phone, name, and more. This VIN specific lead is injected directly into your CRM, emailed instantly to your inbox or you can also receive SMS alerts when they scan so your sales team has what they need without delay to start working the sales opportunity.  

Pre-printed, just assign and go

We make QR codes easy as dealrQR PRO codes come in pre-printed packs of hang tags, waterproof stickers for the outside of the window or inside the window addendum style labels.  No fuss or muss with getting the right paper or sticker, no headaches or wasting time struggling with the printer, just grab a dealrQR PRO code, assign with QuickStick and place on the vehicle. Switch vehicles between rooftops? No problem. dealrQR PRO codes automatically work across your all of your rooftops, no matter if you have 2 or 20. 

Lead capture

The “secret sauce” of dealrQR codes is the automatic lead capture functionality. With each scan, car buyers are a quick one-tap away from accessing crucial vehicle information on your dealer website VDP page. In the process, dealrQR automatically captures customer contact information and creates a verified VIN specific lead for your sales team. Included in the lead is the name of the buyer, their verified mobile phone number, location, date and time of dealership visit and the specific VIN and vehicle summary of their interest.  dealrQR PRO integrates seamlessly with your inventory feed, DMS and CRM platform enabling easy deployment and management of the QR codes and facilitates successful follow up on the captured VIN specific leads for increased sales and customer acquisition.

Detailed reporting and Daily Dashboard

Check visit and leads trends, identify which vehicles are garnering the most buyer interest and more with dealrQR’s data dashboard. Quick one stop access to everything you need to keep track of and manage your lead capture dealrQR codes. Easy to use, intuitive and compatible with any laptop or desktop browser, dealrQR dashboard is the easiest app interface in the automotive industry. In addition to the dashboard, all the VFP traffic us UTM encoded from the dealrQR platform so you can “connect the dots” with your dealership marketing in Google analytics or other web performance tracking platform to see what ad or purchased traffic is actually driving buyers to your lot. 

How to buy dealrQR Pro

Sign up your dealership HERE, and order your dealrQR codes as hangtags, waterproof stickers or addendum labels and once your inventory feed is connected to dealrQR, your codes will be printed and delivered to your dealership for use. 

Order your dealrQR Pro codes today!