dealrQR Pro+

DealrQR Pro+ offers all the features of dealrQR Pro –learn more about dealrQR Pro here– with the added benefit of lead cultivation.

What is lead cultivation?

Lead cultivation is our 100% automated customer engagement platform that interacts with the car buyer to assist the car buyer down the final stretch of their purchasing journey to convert a car shopper into a buyer. dealrQR Pro+ communicates with the car buyer directly on their mobile device via SMS, offers easy and non intrusive quick tap access to vehicle information and gauges what buyers are still “in market”. Your dealership will receive daily “in market” reports showing new leads and those older leads which are still “in market” and require sales attention. The car buyer still “in market” might have moved away from their original vehicle of interest, and the new vehicle (VIN) that they are now interested in will be included in the report to give your sales or BDC team all the information they need to engage the car buyer and convert the sale. 

Pricing Updates

dealrQR Pro+ tracks all of the car buyer’s vehicle interests and provides them with daily updates on pricing changes on vehicles of interest. Seeing a price drop on a vehicle of interest triggers car buyer activity and is key for the sales or BDC team to be notified that the buyer is still interested in a specific vehicle. 

Newly added inventory

dealrQR Pro+ will notify subscribers when new inventory is added which matches their shopping criteria. With inventory volatility, car buyers LOVE this feature. Sales and BDC teams also love this feature as it gives them a great reason to contact a buyer with new purchasing opportunities. 

Contact sales

dealrQR Pro+ gives car buyers one tap quick access to reach out to the dealership about a specific vehicle. No searching or form filling needed, just one tap and go. The buyer can add additional information into their contact request as needed. 

Test Drive

dealrQR Pro+ provides car buyer subscribers the ability to quickly and easily request a test drive on a vehicle. Easy is key for capturing the moment when a car buyer wants to take the next step in their purchasing journey and can request a test drive in a few taps. 


dealrQR Pro+ makes valuing a trade-in for a car buyer easier than ever with the dealrQR Pro+ trade in tool. A quick VIN or tag lookup, and easy statements on mileage, color and condition is all it takes, and the trade-in request is delivered to the dealership with the car buyer name, phone and the vehicle they want to purchase. All the core items needed to begin putting a deal sheet together. 

Does it work?

Does it ever! dealrQR Pro+ delivers an amazing 64% average of SMS to vehicle views. 

dealrQR Pro+ is the “Silent salesperson” that works 24×7 to engage and cultivate those car buyers who aren’t quite ready to buy yet. dealrQR Pro+ is 100% automatic and operates without any admin or management from your dealership staff. 

dealrQR Pro gets the leads, dealrQR Pro+ creates deal closing opportunities for your sales and BDC team!

Get your dealrQR Pro+ codes today!